At Fitzgerald Jewellers, we understand just how important finding the perfect engagement ring is. That’s why we design our engagement rings with you, the person who knows them best. Bring your ideas to a free design consultation with one of our friendly team. No ideas? No problem. We can guide you through the entire process making sure your final design is very special indeed.

That’s just what we do.

Designing and buying an engagement ring doesn’t need to be a daunting process. We’ve put together this simple guide to make things a little easier. When you’re ready, simply book an appointment with a member of our team.



There are so many different styles of engagement rings. So much so that narrowing down your search will really help you to feel confident making a decision.

Start by thinking about the jewellery that she already owns. Does she like bold, unusual dress pieces or would she rather something dainty? Perhaps she’s someone that likes to look in jewellery shop windows and point out little treasures. Can you remember what she pointed out to you? Building on these ideas and her personality, you should be able to begin building a picture of your perfect engagement ring.


So you’ve built an idea of what she likes. This is the perfect time to contact us and discuss your ideas. From Diamonds to Sapphires, we can order stones for your approval so that you can start to piece together the ingredients for your engagement ring.

​It’s a good time to establish a clear budget. Don’t listen to the old wives tales about how much you should spend on the ring, stick with what you can afford and what feels right.

So you’ve found the perfect stone, now it’s time to think about the ring itself. Although we can make elaborate pieces, it’s important that you consider the practicalities. This is a ring that she will wear for the rest of her life so it needs to be designed to last. Consider her job, is she allowed to wear jewellery? Does she enjoy sports that would make wearing her ring all the time impractical? There are different settings from claws to rubover styles that meet the needs of any lifestyle.


Once you’re happy with your design and ready to proceed, we’ll ask for a deposit. Making your engagement ring can take

6-8 weeks so it’s important to consider this when thinking about how and when you’ll propose.

Once you’ve proposed and told everyone your fantastic news, we’re more than happy to size the ring to make sure it fits her perfectly. We’d always advise popping in to see us so we can see how it fits. Plus we love to meeting the person we’ve designed any jewellery for!


We have a large selection of handmade engagement rings available to buy ‘off the shelf’. These rings are no less unique than having a bespoke one made. In fact, every ring we make is a one-off. That’s just the Fitzgerald’s way.


Book a design consultation with one of our friendly team or simply send us an enquiry using the form below



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